Thursday, April 02, 2009

Work today

Work today was not easy. Had some tougher stuff than I expected.

Today reminded me that the source for every victory is dependence on God. I mean, I'm out of army. And it's all too easy to go by the train of thought that now I'm toughened up and ready to handle anything and everything. But the reality of the matter is that it was God who brought me through. And it is Him that brings me through every day. I need to rely on Him. For every success I must honour Him. For every obstacle I need to pray.

You would observe in the 6 main books (1 & 2 Samuel, 1 & 2 Kings, 1 & 2 Chronicles) regarding the kingships in Israel a pattern. There are roughly 2 main factors that define their kingship. Whether they walked right with God, and how they responded to crises/danger/threats.

If a king did not in the first place have a right walk with God, that would usually mean the whole nation turning to idolatry. Interestingly, if kings never walked right before God and yet humbled themselves before Him in times of danger, God still received the homage and delivered them. (E.g. Ahab, and Manasseh)

And yet when a king as righteous as Asa walked right with God and at the end of his kingly career, responded negatively to a crisis, he lived out his last days in bitterness and illness.

And so I that's something I've learned today. That I have to respond well to God in times of a crisis. Walk right with Him. And when trouble comes, not to try to use my own meagre human abilities to solve the problem. Kings who depended on what was to be considered rather great wisdom by human standards took silver and gold out of the temple to pay would-be invaders. By human standards, this might have been great wisdom. Money to avert disaster. But Kings foolish by the standards of the world, who went into the same temple and prostrated before God in surrender and who pleaded deliverence. These are the ones that God delivered in mighty fashion. With great routing of the enemies and more often than not, it seems to me, great plunder for God's people.

Where do we turn to in times of crisis. Do we go by the wisdom of the world? Or do we appeal to the Lord. For the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of this world, is it not written?


This week's been pretty good. Fighting a slight throat infection. So not much exercise done, most regretfully so. Been waking up at 0600 to do my QT. Sometimes a little bit later. Often find myself half awake. Perhaps cuz I'm still a little sick. But spending this time with God helps me to find strength for the rest of the day. I'm reminded to turn to Him throughout the day. Normally can fit in at least 2 other times with God a day.

Waking up in camp in the past was slightly easier, you could say. The cold breeze from the jungle got me awake fast. But then again I'm so thankful to God that I'm no longer there.

Probably signing up for SU's trek program. Need to get it done fast though. Application closes soon.

Praying that I'll really be able to teach well in school. This job is a rather evident God-send. It fits most neatly into my schedule. It fulfils what I asked for- enough time for myself. It regards my favourite A'level subject- History. It ends just about a week before my university camps, cuz that's when the teacher returns. I know God has provided for me.

The challenge must be to have the courage of the biblical Caleb. Even as he claimed the land inhabited with giants promised to him in his old age, I must claim my own land. God has given me the job, and I need to claim the success. I need to live right with God, honour Him and claim His promises in the word.

And that being said, today's events as I felt them, smelled of spiritual warfare. The enemy trying to knock me off balance.

The last time an attack like that happened was the evening before VBC. And I was convinced at the time that some breakthrough or great work of the Lord was about to come. And by God's grace I was right.

I wonder what's in the air this time...

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