Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A story

This one is taken from Living a Successful Life by Pastor Yonggi. I reckon that you wouldn't be able to find it easily these days. It was copyrighted in 1977. So that's how old it is.

Pastor Kim stayed back to tend his flock during the Korean War. In the daytime he would be living in the mountains. Every night, he would make his way down to the village area. It snowed in the night and it was often hard to find one's way around. The landscape when covered with snow was quite indistinguishable. One night, the Pastor, carrying his briefcase made his way down.

After walking for quite a while he realised he was getting lost. As it got later and later, he managed to find no way out. Realising he was too tired to carry on any longer, he called to God to send him a blanket and cover him throughout the winter night, for he had no more strength to carry on. And so he fell asleep where he was.

The next morning, he felt extremely warm, as if his mother had hugged him all the way to sleep. Opening his eyes he found that lying on top of him was a mountain tiger! The tiger licked his face. Pastor Kim could see the sharp teeth of the creature. But he was so filled with the Holy Spirit that he treated the tiger like a kitten.

"Thank you Lord for sending me a blanket. I just wasn't expecting you to send me a living blanket!"

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