Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A good week ahead

Looking forward to Caleb's birthday tml night. And also the retreat at the end of the week.

School today was still okay. Settled pretty well into a good morning routine already. Of waking up at 0600 and doing my 1st QT till 0700. Lessons are good. Got to repeat most of my lessons 8 times, so by the time I get to the 4th or 5th time the lesson is very interesting and the delivery nears flawlessness.

Not been exercising as much I want to. Getting a lil fat. Haha.

Getting a little bit tired in walking with God these days. Hopefully will be able to spend more time meditating this weekend. Also might attend a Reinhard Bonnke night.

One question which has concerned me in the past few weeks is this. Where is CM heading? Are we as teachers now doing the things that will enable it to go from this glory to the next glory? The litmus test would be how things are 10 years from now. 10 years from now, where will this ministry be?

And so we've got to keep praying on this. Keep building up. Keep mentoring the generations below us. Or else all we have will come to naught. There has to be a down flow in the process of teaching. We have to get out of comfort zones. Have to pray for each other in the ministry. Have to watch over younger teachers. We cannot allow cross-generational divides to form here.

As we are ministered to and receive from God in this ministry, let us out of the abundance of blessings He pours forth, pour back. Let us not become spiritually fat. Ever receiving spiritual food but never exercising spiritual muscle. Let us allow the Master to weed out in us any blemish or defect in our lives; in the ways we lead them. For it is written that we are living sacrifices. How can a sacrifice be presented if it is not without blemish? After the displeasure of God at Cain, have we not become sufficiently warned?

And I say the above more to myself than anyone else.

So let us build each other up for His glory.

And God help me cuz I feel like I'm running on my own diesel. That's wrong and terrible and can potentially lead to lots of nonsense. On the other hand, it is a most obvious alarm that makes me cry out "Abba Father not my strength but yours". Even as Peter declared that "if anyone serves let him do so with the strength that God provides" - 1 Peter 4:11 I believe.

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