Thursday, March 26, 2009

The water bag burst

Well, the teacher I'm replacing went into labour at about 4 plus this morning. So got an SMS at 0420 HRS. So yay, I've got a job. Thank God, cuz I was really getting restless at home. So most excellently someone's got a baby and I've got work.

Teaching today went rather well I'd say.

Realised that will be starting some camps for SMU as early as late July. That's earlier than I thought. Wondering how ready I'd be for university. Well, but at least by teaching History I'm studying academic stuff, so at least my brain gets working, proper grammar and all.

Have happily discovered that Jie Hau and Jing Jie will be going SMU as well. Good brothers from the cell we had in JC. Wonderful times we had.

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