Monday, March 23, 2009


Well, I don't quite know what to write on my blog these days. I don't want to put nonsense up here. And yet many of the things that have been going through my mind recently aren't things that would be appropriate to put in a blog.

In more ways than one, I find myself back in the same spot I was 2 years earlier, before NS. I find myself in a closer walk with God again. Well, I'm a little bit sick these couple of days. And I just get the idea that the Lord is teaching me to put Him ahead of my exercise. I really love to exercise these days... so I guess perhaps God is saying love Him more than exercise?

And my ITB is feeling kinda tight these days as well. Oh well. I'm like eh Lord, don't like that leh... don't play until like that leh

VBC opened up my eyes to the way that God works. On the second and last day of the camp, His presence was really there.

The Spirit of God was showing me when the afternoon Praise and Worship started that Satan was feeling extreme irritation when the kids all started to praise God. And I just began to understand in greater detail how powerful a weapon praising God is. Psalm 8:2- From the lips of children and nursing infants You have ordained praise.

And then after some discussion, we actually changed the whole concept of the body ministry that afternoon to become Praise and Worship flowing into body ministry. I can tell you, the Holy Spirit was there. Many kids were ministered to. And the Lord was just showing me that when the Holy Spirit moves and ministers amongst kids (or any other age group, for that matter), He doesn't need our help.

The kids, it was so lifting just to hear them share what they felt as they experienced God's presence. Some were like "I feel happy" or "I feel good". That's how they describe the presence of the Holy Spirit. And we explained to them what they were experiencing.

And then when we let them sit down and ask the Lord to reveal to them. That part was awesome.

"Jesus told me He loves me"

"Jesus told me to be quiet"

"Jesus told me to behave" (okay, this one was hilariously accurate)

Wow. The earliest that I experienced God like that was perhaps Pri 2 lor. And these kids got into the presence of God so early. God is so wonderful.

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