Thursday, March 12, 2009

Been reading

Over the past weeks I've been doing some reading. Well I just finished Screwtape Letters, kindly loaned to me by Yim. A rather good read. It's yet another work by C.S. Lewis.

Yesterday was in church to settle some stuff for VBC. It's next week. Am quite looking forward to it.

On a more immediate timeline, am looking forward to hammock night tomorrow. Something I really enjoy. Hopefully we will be able to talk about stuff that is more inclined towards eternity. Hopefully we shall strengthen ourselves for His service tomorrow, and not just have fun alone. Fun per se is wonderful, but let it not stand in the way of growth.

Probably gonna cover a few old books on the Minor Prophets of Israel or something like that for next week and beyond. Hmm, BSF has yet to contact me.

I was just thinking how wonderful it was to be in civilian life. It's been a full month since my Operationally Ready Date. But I really must consider whether I am making full use of my time. Indeed I have been praying for my time to be well used.

So in the past month, I have read through 1 Christian literature book a week, been consistently doing bible study and quiet time (but admittedly often hitting an iron ceiling- yet I've learnt that this, in a roundabout, yet ironically necessary fashion, helps me to grow), been out exercising (thought still not as fit as I would like), been meeting up often with the guys from church, met up with my ODAC friends, been doing programs and some sort of an S3 role for VBC.

Those are the main things. Screwtape letters opened up my mind to the sheer reality of temptations that we are facing. And so often we are very much unaware of it.

I wish that I were spiritually stronger. But of course what I truly mean is that I wish I felt in control and without temptation and facing no opposition in any and every area. That of course, must be the antithesis of true spiritual strength. For as a (in my opinion) much more worthy respectable Christian wrote "for when I am weak, then I am strong." Spiritual strength grows at exponential rates in the face of adversity. Just as it is a wonder how sunlight, of the scorching afternoon kind, which brings sweat to our brows, can be of any good to plants, whereas in reality it really makes them thrive, so is adversity to our spiritual strength.

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