Monday, February 23, 2009

Hammock Party

Well, last Friday and Saturday was a hammock party at East Coast. Just me, Caleb and Jesh, with Joseph and Aaron dropping by in the night.

It's weird that when we're already NSman, we prefer to spend time outside our homes, sleeping under the stars. But it's definitely fun.

That's us eating lots of stuff. Had to go over to 7 eleven to re-sup.

The next morning. I must regretfully comment that one of our original objectives was to do some bible reading and also be up to watch the Sat sunrise. But anyway, stayed up till almost 5a.m. talking. And then slept till about 9a.m.

Well Caleb was up with nothing better to do... So went around taking pictures.

And that's Caleb sleeping.

Anyone wants to join us for our next hammock night?

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