Thursday, December 04, 2008

The camp

Okay. I'm just back from the Oligopistos childrens' camp. Jointly organized by Scripture Union and Church of Singapore. It was a real blessing to be there. God is so good. Heard so much from God. I know the children also enjoyed themselves. Quite a number of them heard from God too.

And so this blog is dedicated to those in my Christian family, of which Christ is the head. To the SU people, who taught us so much more about this line of ministry. To the teachers from COS, for there is great joy whenever I work with you all. And to my kids from Sesame; I really felt loved by you in this camp.

Gavin and I. Leaders of the same group. Bunkmate, brother-in-Christ, friend. A great blessing to work with you, bro.

Yim. Camp commandant. I know a true brother when I see one. This fellow's stuck with me for so long, all through my NS years. And I'm always grateful to God for all his advice and frankness. Of course the other person who really gave me credible advice in my NS years is my very own kor, but he didn't attend the camp.

Uncle David Leong, from SU. So much to learn from this uncle in the ministry. Of course there's all the other SU folks, but didn't take pictures with them.

Kimberly!! Used to be one of my students. Sniff. I'm feeling old. Haha. But seriously, I think she's done a swell job in the camp. Only Sec 1, but she's a very mature thinker already.

Another brudder. James. Always an honour serving with him. Hmmm. if only I had taken a picture with Daniel Li too. We all enlisted at about the same time. And God brought us through our NS in His own special way for each of us.

Annette. Proud of this young lady. Also used to be one of my students. Her joy rubs off on other people. Love her bubbly character.

Andrea. Happy to see that you've been growing much closer to God the last few weeks, sista. Thanks for listening to me share bout my life.

Zhang Wei. We teach the same class on Sundays. A real blessing to me in ministry. Well there's Rebekah Kan too. Together we prayed for more girls in our class. And now we have 4, as compared to 1 in the past. Hmmm. Well, I started to pray for more "children" in the class instead of "girls". Heh.

Caleb. Aiya, this one no need to say lah. This is one man who always watches my back. As the NLT of Ecclesiastes 4:12 puts it, "... two can stand back to back and conquer...".

Okay, here's the Spices family.

The whole camp.

Matthew. This guy is impressive. I really enjoyed working with him on the PT the last morning. I see a lot of strength and depth of character in him. Really encouraged by his service to God.

Jeremy and Jing Yang. Macham brothers like that. Jing Yang's going to the nice little resort island very soon. Jeremy one month later. But just as God has brought me through, I know He'll see them through and that they'll really mature there.

Okay. Another family photo. The photos are not in order, if you haven't already noticed.

My group! Love these kids. Feel so loved by them. Especially the evening that I came back from my army camp and they all greeted me one by one and gathered around me. I have Fang Qi, Jamie, Jerutha, Matthew, Johnmiah, Samuel, Si Li, Mathu and Natalie. And there's aunty Cynthia (who's a real good encourager to me) and Gavin too. Aunty Hwee Lan left on the 2nd night. Awww. And Adele left early too. Aww aww.

Jamie and Jerusha!

Punching bag (yes, that's me) punches back. Fang Qi. My violent "little sister". Very rugged for a young lady. Respect lah. She did like 3 pull ups on the chin-up bar (Arms not fully extended, but gotta give it to her lah.)

Mathu. Very brave. Love her character. Was very nice talking to her and hearing about her life.

Another family photo. Man, I feel young looking at these poses. Okay, I'm still not yet an adult. Coming soon though.

Group photo. Matthew and his nonsense. Well, for the record I love his nonsense. It goes down quite well with my nonsense.
And no, Natalie, no more ice cream.

And so that's all for now. Of course there are so many more people I'd like to dedicate this post to as well, but I can't go on forever y'know.
For the next few days I'll be resting and training up for my stanchart marathon. Will see how far I can run. But my main aim is just to finish, even if I have to walk the last few klick.

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