Sunday, December 21, 2008

53 more days to go...

Till my ORD!

Well, I already got my new shoes. 2 new pairs to be exact. Dad and mom drove me down to a warehouse sale in the Upper Paya Lebar area. And managed to get some pretty good buys. Bought a pair of Lee Cooper and a pair of Kappa. First one original price S$129.90. Bought at $S49.90. Second one original price $S79.90 (if I remember correctly). Bought at S$39.90. So saved about S$120 perhaps? Hee hee.

And also bought a new desk for my room. Replacing the one I've been using since say about Primary 3? That's about 11 years.

Well I went to church this morning. Hmmm. Wonder what's my posting for the next year in childrens' ministry.

I was thinking that I have mellowed in the last year or so. I get angry a lot less easily. I hope.

If you're wondering how my walk with God has been, I must say in true honesty that it's been hard to find time with Him. I make time in the mornings at about 0545 to 0630 to spend some time praying and reading the bible. Then I hit the bed at about 2200, most days. Much to do in the solitary room of rifles. I do wish some days that I have more time in the middle of the day to spend with God.

Friday night I went out with my fellow commanders to watch Yes Man. And before that we had dinner at Sakura near Causeway Point for OC's farewell. I thought it was a rather fast way to spend money. And I did both only because I thought I needed to spend more time with the rest. The monetary-minded person in me hated it. But we had a good time and then again it's good to spend a little bit more once in a while. Too much discipline in such an area can lead to a backfire.

Hmmm. Well. I have changed a lot in these last 2 years, if you've noticed. And I hope and pray that out of new-found strength in God and hammered out character I can better glorify God.

Ta for now. Booking in. Roughly my 8th last week. So roughly 16th last time booking in? Considering Christmas and New Year and the occasional night's out.

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