Thursday, November 13, 2008

Quiet Time

Just thought I'd share this here.

Been having good and deep times of meditation before God lately. And I just want to remind all those going for the church camps to get their hearts ready for God even now. Not that the camp is more sacred than God is, no. But that we are going to gather together and wait on God. And we need to get right with God before we even start.

It is written in Ephesians that the Holy Spirit of God can be grieved. And there are many things in our ministries that have grieved the Holy Spirit. Arguments, dissensions, dissatisfaction with each other. Many of us have relationship problems. A relationship problem firstly with God, and this is the most important one. If our relationship with God is not attended to, no other relationship will be truly peaceful. I could give scriptural references... Matthew 6:33 ... etc. seek ye first the kingdom of God... etc. But I think it's clear enough already.

Many of us have relationship problems amongst ourselves. We bicker, we bear malice, we cannot stand certain people, we are too cliquish. And this part of the problem takes up the most time, really, as I see it.

Many of us a relationship problem with those below us in ministry. Our charges. Do we truly love them and act in our full capacity as Christian leaders above them?

I believe that we need to do some soul searching where we are. We need to get right with God. We need to stop opening up footholds like free for the Enemy. We need to get our act together, as a figure of speech, and come together in unity, under one God and move against darkness. We need to pray. Seriously. I say again, we need to pray.

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