Thursday, October 30, 2008

My little trip down south

Alright, I thought I'd talk a little bit more bout my journey there. I can't say too much about the military aspect. That would put the very existence of this blog at risk. But I want to say that for a certain reason, I had lots of spare time in the field to read God's word and meditate on it. And I also had a fair amount of time to read Benny Hinn's Welcome Holy Spirit, which Caleb lent me. And as I read and meditated, I went through a period of growth. Growth in scriptural knowledge. Growth in intimacy with the Holy Spirit of God. Feeling His warmth and peace. Talking to Him in the cold mornings, talking to Him while doing the armskote.

The armskote there was something that I was initially rather concerned about. But it's over. And I really thank God for that. I did not exactly have an easy time out there. The days were really hot, what with the ozone depletion. The nights were reallly cold. Every night you shiver. Quite badly too. Uncontrollably. Sometimes I wondered whether I'd get hypothermia. Cuz shivering is 1 degree below normal body temperature. And hypothermia can be reached at 2 degrees below normal temperature. And I also had some people who made things a lot harder for me.

This is the Australian frog which initially did not want to pose with me.

But having learnt how to speak frog, I coaxed it into changing it's mind.

Frog:"Okay, can I go now?"

But all things worked together for good. And I came home safely. The last day. Looking back. Thinking of how shitty it was to get off the cosy plane on the first morning. Of the living conditions in the field. Of the cold, of the endless combat rations- 8 days straight at one time. I really thanked God as I boarded the plane home. Sweet home. Humid home. Wonderful home.

Rockhampton cuisine is generous, rich. Generally not too oily as I understand, but the quantity is amazing. Heavenly after being in the field for so long.

Ming Kiat (my Rest and Recreation roommate) and I. Outside our motel room.

Fitzroy river. Which cuts through the middle of Rockhampton. So named for rocks in the river, and "hampton" which means town on a river flat.

The eponymous rocks. There are swooping magpies there. Which come straight at you when alone. Cool stuff.
This here is the coach headed for the airport.

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