Saturday, October 04, 2008

Been surfing around

Well when I booked out last night I went to have dinner with Daniel Yim in the town area. Was good to talk.

Did some surfing on the net late last night, into the wee hours of this morn. And was looking at my JC friends' blogs. And it occured to me that I've missed out so much on their lives. Perhaps just simply because I spent more time with people in church, or at army, or somewhere else. Not necessarily a bad thing, since I can only keep up with limited people within a limited amount of time, but still it set me thinking.

And also went to visit some random church peoples' blogs. See them doing all sorts of things. Some overseas, some still within the island. Saw their colourful, well decorated blogs, of which mine pales in comparison. Right now I'm not really bothered with these embellishments, maybe next time.

And even went to see some random Christians' blogs. Saw some blogs a little like mine, which has much to do with ramblings about their Christian walks etc.

Well I've been feeling rather alone these days. Even in camp. Just feel so alone. I mean, I don't have much to talk with other people. Some days I'm kinda feeling troubled and unsettled in camp. Schedule was a little more relaxed the last few days but yet I didn't feel quite happy.

And even in church, I feel quite alone some times. Yeah, there are people around. But I still come and go home alone. How do I explain it? Something like there are people who exist within social entities. They are always found within a group of friends. The group of friends is a social unit. But I'm an entity and unit by myself.

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