Saturday, September 20, 2008

Right now

Here I am, a little tired. Had ATP and coy live firing this last week. Been a long 7 days in camp. And armskote's been quite a terror. Like last Sunday, woke up at 0400 or so, then had live firing. Came back to camp at about 0300, then was inside armskote till 0545. Fell in the platoon at 0645 and then went to bed at 1050. How's that sound...

Right, so every once in a while, I look back and see how far I've progressed, correct?


Busy, especially since I'm still a combat sergeant and an armskote spec at the same time. God has provided me with rather understanding colleagues however. And I know He's been granting me quite some favour with my superiors. He's provided for me that I am able to be diligent and deliver in my armskote responsibilities.

Need to honour God in my normal tasks though. These days I tend to get a bit calculative over my normal platoon duties. Fatigue does not help.

Quite lonely in armskote some days. Feel separated from the world. But been reading a few good Christian books lately, and growing silently.

When I first started to do armskote I felt strongly that God was telling me that some of my most intimate times of worship with Him would be in the armskote, where it's quite cut off from outside. And yes, I have had some wonderful times with God alone in that strong room.


Been spending a little bit more time in CM these days. I think God is leading me deeper into this ministry. I sincerely believe that every ministry is important in God's eyes. That CM is not less important. That God can let anyone start in any ministry and use that as a stepping stone. That CM is not necessarily a stepping stone to a so called "real ministry".

I recall that when I came into CM God specifically showed me my purpose to 2 groups of people. It might sound like a no brainer. But it was the children, and the youth in CM. And I guess that in this season I'll be spending more time with them.

OK that's about it I believe.

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