Sunday, September 07, 2008

A PrOdUcTiVe 2 days.

Well, I cleared my Final Theory Test for driving, thank God. Was wondering whether I'd be able to, but oh well, I did.

I had a short 7 klick run yesterday, more of a jog. Just to recover some running ability. It was awesome to be at church for the Pri 6 study camp. I may have appeared silent and all, but it really was a blessing to be there. I am very proud of Lowell and Caleb. Of what they've been doing with the kids, spending their time to teach them. Being able to influence them as godly examples.

I benefitted immensely from watching Facing the Giants last night. It almost had me in tears. It made me recall all the dark moments of my life in Sispec, in my current unit. It made me recall how I prayed for my school when I was in JC. It ministered to me deeply.

Well, it was also good to talk to Zhang Qi, Jaslyn, Gavin, Caleb and Lowell. Aaron was asleep already. It was an enjoyable morning doing my QT at 0600. Didn't know people came as early as 0615. Played a little bit of table tennis with Gavin.

Had teachers' meeting, then came home.

And wow, thanks Lord. The weekend was succintly wonderful.


pamela said...

hey bro,
great to see you back in action again!
when are you leaving for overseas trg?

tyong said...

Well bout 5-6 Oct I think. Away for 3 weeks or so.