Sunday, August 31, 2008

A rainy day

Yes, it's raining outside. The gentle pattering of water, the cool breeze. Everything slows down when it rains. Wonderful. I do so love the rain. When I'm indoors, that is. The infantry hates the rain though. It makes things wet, causes foot rot, ensures a cold shivering sleepless night.

Fully in line with the inconsistency and suddeness of army life, I got Monday to Wednesday off. I was wondering what to do with it. Saturday and Sunday would be church. Monday to Wednesday would be daily runs and conditioning exercises and lunching or dining out with old friends. Then I fell sick. And mind you I haven't fallen sick since somewhere in April last year. Even then I didn't have a fever and flu. I've been so used to good, God-given health that I didn't even realise I was falling sick until I actually got a fever.

So my activities for the next few days are more or less pre-arranged by these events. Recuperation. To think that I was pondering the fact that I had too much time thrust upon me all of a sudden.

It is good to sit down and rest. To know that I may wake up, not to military activity and the emotionally draining issues of my men, but to a perfectly peaceful morning. The noisy karaoke and totally disrespectful, unneighbourly chatter of the void deck-loitering youth sound of home and I, if anything, rather enjoy it.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I ran today

Finished my 21 klick army half marathon today. Just so many people running. So not as enjoyable as I'd have wished. Had planned to go to church, but calculated the time and thought I wouldn't get there in time for most of it.

This last week I learnt quite a bit from God. Mostly about settling differences with people and making peace.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

The week and a mystery.

This week was a rather refreshing week.

Not much activities. Except running, exercise, watching movies with the specs. Smokin' Aces, Fight Club (which was really really good. Mind-blowing movie. The best I've watched in a very very long time), V for Vendetta. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings.

Earlier in the week I had some good times with God. Just sitting down listening to Him all over again. So good to be in His presence.

Was also good to have a wonderful conversation with one of my fellow specs a Christian. Clearing some misunderstandings late into the night. We sleep next to each other but somehow we just don't seem to be able to connect. It's frustrating to me.


I am a mystery unto myself. Somedays I can be so on fire for God. Somedays I am so comfortable in sin. Sometimes I can be so friendly to people while other days I just want to be alone. I come to enjoy the pain of being away from the crowd somedays but yet sometimes I hate to be alone. I am an exercise in contradictions. A person of extremities. Known both for great passion and exceptional dullness. Some term me humble while others call me proud. I possess great discipline and have a delightful propensity for lazing around. I am loved, loathed, admired, despised. I wish to be understood and yet I cannot comprehend my very own self.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


So you want the truth?

Well here it is. Something in church has been disturbing me as of late.

If you have observed the walls and the sticky tape in church lately, you'd be kinda disturbed. What with all the renovation going on.

It goes that sticky tape should not be stuck on too many surfaces. You stick it on one, that's ok. You peel it off and it's not as sticky as before. Each time you peel it off, you peel off part of the paint and carry it on the tape. There've been quite a lot of people doing this lately. Ain't no pretty sight.

Yet what can I say. It's not my tape, not my wall.

Friday, August 01, 2008

I ran today

Okay. I accidentally clicked enter on that last post and I feel a bit too lazy to go delete it. So here's the actual post.

I ran today. About 14 klick I estimate. Trying to build up some mileage before the AHM 21 klick. And really, exercising makes me feel much better, much more alive... The air along my running route is not excellent though. Made worse by the 7 month incense burning. The air around my army camp's much much fresher.

This week in camp was generally relaxed. However I'm COS again tomorrow. Well at least I can make it to church on a Sunday.

Managed to spend quite a bit of time with God this week in camp. Most excellent.

Will try to look for a day to meet up, Glenn.

I ran today