Saturday, July 05, 2008

A bus, a crying child and a thought

Was on 854 home today. (I caught it just as it was leaving the bus stop. I'm pretty sure I saw the uncle glance at me and pretend not to see me. So I ran after it to the next stop to catch it. Helped by the red light. The wonders of army fitness.)

And there was this mother and a young child. Around 5 or 6 I'd say. And the child was crying as if he'd been done some gross injustice or been greviously hurt. Refused to tap the EZ link for his mom. And as the little fella sat 2 seats in front of me sobbing away at the deepest misery of his life, I began to think.

Just 15 or so years back I must have been like that. I cried when I couldn't finish my food. (But not my favourite ones). I cried when I forgot to bring one of my books home from kindergarten. I cried I was in primary school very often.

I'll never cry for such small matters now. But I do cry for bigger matters. How that young guy cried could have been dismissed as a normal occasion of childishness. But I saw it in a different way. I saw a little bit of myself in that young fella. And how God and my family and some of my friends have built me up to who I am. I am not great. But I am greatly loved. I am not the mightiest. But I am mighty through the training of God and mighty by His mighty hand.

Booking in tonight. Yeah. Saturday night. COS duty tomorrow. Last Sunday I finished helping out in a platoon live firing early in the morning. 0330 hours as I recall. Coming Sat and Sun I'll be tied down at another live firing practice and live firing. So that's a fair bit of time spent away from my kids.

I'm not really having quite of a ministry in Childrens' ministry y'know. I'm hardly there, for starters. I'm not really having quite of a ministry in army. Been at armskote. Been having a few incidents regarding my men. Those I spend effort and time on kinda left me, to put it that way. Those I really invested energy into have some things against me. It seems that I have climbed a little knoll in this valley (if you could find knolls in valleys) and came sliding down another slope.

Today YPM was good. Had some things to hand over to God. And felt much better.

That's all for now. Ming En's going in coming Fri. All the best bro.

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