Saturday, July 26, 2008


Wondering whether I should sign up for the Stan chart 42.195 klick. Probably. Just give it a shot, for the experience.

Having more and more issues in camp lately. Can't tell here. Lots of issues with my men though. Somedays in here... just like watching a channel 8 drama. The things that happen are just so ridiculous. Life unfolds like a TV series where all the unfortunate things just keep happening, so much so that you think the drama is just so unreal and fake, that the series of events are quite impossible.

In my army life, if something unexpected doesn't happen in a month or so, something is seriously wrong.

Took my leave for Childrens' camp and youth camp this year. But my OC tells me that there's a chance that it might be cancelled. Oh well.

Had a good time after YPM today with Caleb, Yim, Lowell, Joseph, Ming En.

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