Monday, July 28, 2008


I signed up for the full marathon. Who's with me?

Today was an off in lieu. And was kinda restless at home. Haven't been home for so long for a month or so. Seemed so strange.

Thought that there'd be an outing on Sunday, but there wasn't, oh well. Had set aside the second half of the day for that. But not too bad also, went to eat sushi with my family.

I just want to say here that God always has His plans for us. He's brought me through some really tough times in army. Not just physically. Sometimes there's malicious gossip etc too. And then there's people relations which can really hurt more than the physical training. But I know God's will is being done.

So that's it for now.

Oh yeah AHM's coming on the 24th of August. A stepping stone.

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