Sunday, June 01, 2008

This week

This last week was rather restful, even in camp. Just a lil bit of PT here and there, some planning etc. Coming week I'll have an outfield, albeit a short one. Thank God that I've been spending more time with Him this last week. Also started doing bible study with 2 of my men in camp. They're Christian yeah, but not really been chasing God.

Brought 2 people to YPM this week. One was one of my men. Have invited him to come again next week. Gonna be a long road ahead finding friends for him in this place though. He's rather hard to break through to. But that's God's job innit?

Came home right after CM today. Was feeling kinda sleepy. Planned to get a little bit of eye shut then maybe try to run 12 klicks... sorta training up for Army Half Marathon, which is a stepping stone to Stan Chart 42.195 to me. But looking at the weather... (the slacker within me yells "hurray!!!!").

Over the last few weeks have seen more of God's providence and planning as I spend more time with Him. Eg. I passed my SOC quite well. Haven't run it in about 6 months. In other words, I don't ever have to do SOC again for the rest of my life. And I ran faster than all the other commanders. Got 8:50, which isn't really a fantastic timing. But I simply don't understand how I made it, except for God's help. You see, the fastest I ever reached was 9:09 at Pasir Laba.

Have wondered whether I'll be able to keep healthy after NS. The amount I can eat and get away with without really getting fat is tremendous. Okay, I don't have nice six packs... etc, but I don't really increase in weight either, with the amount of physical activity I do.

Awwww. Can't go CAC the coming week. Wish I could though. But the army will not allow me to. Oh well.

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