Sunday, May 04, 2008

The future.

I do wonder what the future holds for me. What is God's plan... etc.

I figure that the past year or so in army have kinda made my life into a blank slate. For God to write on. For as I read my journals and personal records of my thoughts and feelings, I realise that my mind is now occupied by well, different things. Mostly mundane, day-to-day army stuff. My priorities have shifted too. Right now I have, well, about no priorities in life, so to speak. Not many goals, just living each day as it is. Enjoying some, sucking thumb for some.

My in-camp life is bigger than my out-of-camp life. (Man, that's all this Tai Yong blogs about these days innit, army life, army life, army life, how he's so not a civilian... bleagh).

I seek a closer walk with God once again. I used to walk closely. I look back and I see milestones and hallmarks. But I don't intend to go back there. I look forward and I want so much more of God.

One thing that saddens me is the number of people I have stopped talking to heart-to-heart since I began to grow busier and busier in the battalion. Some of these people I really miss. Miss the friendships that is. I still see them around, but hard to really talk much. Just a hi... and then what-else-can-I-say kind of feeling comes round and I'm stuck there.

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