Sunday, March 23, 2008

For another week

I'll be gone for yet another week. Will book out on Sunday morning.

Yay now Amos is a sergeant too. That makes 2 of us.

I had a really restful week. Thank God for that. Friday booked out and went straight for High Praise. Think the J1 batch did a most excellent job, for the skit. Really liked the crucifixion scene too. The event after that was equally good. Had quite a bit of fun. Built the "dunking" machine with Eugene Tan.

Then went over to Caleb's house. Originally intended to go Bedok jetty to fish. In the end just went near Wayne's house at East Coast to spend the night. Got a few nasty sandfly bites. Evacuated the area at 0330 hours for lack of hammocks. Went back to Caleb's house to continue SLEEPING. Woke up at 1030 or so.

Spent the time before YPM reading Calvin and Hobbes, while Aaron watched Chinese drama on his laptop and Jesh played PSP.

So yeah, my week was rather restful.

Hopefully, the road ahead shall be more restful and filled with greater godly joy than the path behind. Prayerfully, it shall be fulfilling and meaningful.

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