Thursday, February 07, 2008


Going back outfield in a few days. Have always loved the jungle and nature. Though some experiences taught me to appreciate civilised life, what with all its comfort and safety.

Having very little time to spend outside, as usual here. Think I'm losing touch with a couple of good friends. Touched that some still remember me and make the effort to keep in contact. Wayne in particular. Thanks dude. Humbled.


pamela said...

hey ty, have not forgotten you. Sorry haven't been keeping up with you much. Been checking your blogs for updates though to keep you in prayer.
Sounds like it's been tough but the Lord's holding on to you tight. How's that prayer group going?
Hope you have a rested and meaningful CNY =)
Take care at field camp!

tyong said...


Field camp was ok.

Prayer group is non existent.