Sunday, January 13, 2008


A sergeant >>>

Is expected by the officers to carry out their plans.

Is expected by the men to represent them to the officers.

Is responsible to the officers when things go wrong.

Is blamed by the men when things go wrong.

Is to be close to his men, and yet be apart as a commander.

Is to understand each individual and build him up as a soldier.

Is to be at the peak of physical, mental and combat fitness.

Is to be better in technical skills then his men, who he teaches, and his officers, for he is a specialist.

Is to care for his soldiers and yet risk their lives for the sake of higher intent.

A Christian sergeant +

Is expected to do all the same.

And yet to maintain godliness in an often godless environment.

Is to meet with filth in thoughts, words and deeds each day and yet not be a part of it.

Is to pray for his men.

Is to pray for his officers.

And yet be scolded or talked about behind his back by both, since things often still do go wrong.

Is to seek excellence and yet not be proud.

Is accountable to God above human authority.

Is to make a right decision in ethical dilenmas
...And yet knowing that, often failing, God forgive, to do so.

When the Christian sergeant so happens to teach in Childrens' Ministry - _`-

He must

Do all the above.

Yet set aside time and space to love his children.

To teach his children to live by the way he acts.

Tolerate, embrace and enjoy the playfulness and cheekiness of his children, bringing discipline but not the habitual regimentation to his class.

Set aside time to spend with younger teachers.

Upkeep his own spiritual well-being.

No wonder he needs God desperately each day.

And yet he often forgets to call on God.

But he's learning... slowly.

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