Tuesday, January 01, 2008

So far

Guess I'd better do an update.

Past weeks were busy in my battalion. Lots of issues that my men have. A different cut of society. Seldom have time to book out right now. Lots of duties.

Had a packed Sunday, beginning where my 24 hour guard duty ended. Had a short, stone-faced 30 minutes or so with my Pri 6s. Stone-faced cuz I really didn't know what to say, with that 30 minutes being the last 30 minutes they were in Sunday school as Pri 6s. Short because I had to rush down from camp.

Went for CM meeting, then badminton with people 2-3 years my junior, mostly. Then went Plaza Sing for dinner.

Monday was mostly spent at home.

In other news I wonder what God has in store for me. I spend the bulk of my time with a group of people I have no idea how to minister to. I'm not entirely unfamiliar with their issues since I came into contact with many of their kind while in secondary school. But ministering and praying and bringing them to Christ... that's something I'm not too sure how to go about. But God will lead me on as He has always done.

I book in tonight. The next time I book out is Sunday morn. A half day book out till Sunday night.

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