Sunday, January 20, 2008


I am very tired, see?

Got so much to do, so little time to spend outside.

So many extra duties, macham sign extra like that. But I didn't get any extras.

Another one of those, underpaid, under-appreciated days. An existing semblance of specialist pride and many many long days and nights. My job and position has no glory and many scoldings.

On the brighter side of things at least time is passing quickly. Each and every week flies by.

And I'm going to be 20 this year. That's quite old. 2 years of my life spent in the military. I'll be out 1 month before I turn 21.

Went church today, Pri 3 class had 4 new additions. Praise God. Rebecca and Zhang Wei must have been praying quite hard, I figure. Honestly I haven't been managing to put in much time for prayer and word. No excuse though. 2nd service message was quite good.

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