Sunday, January 27, 2008


Think I'm spending a little too much time in army, not that I have much of a choice.

Not too happy with how things are going on in camp.

Each day in the battalion makes me a stronger soldier though.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


I am very tired, see?

Got so much to do, so little time to spend outside.

So many extra duties, macham sign extra like that. But I didn't get any extras.

Another one of those, underpaid, under-appreciated days. An existing semblance of specialist pride and many many long days and nights. My job and position has no glory and many scoldings.

On the brighter side of things at least time is passing quickly. Each and every week flies by.

And I'm going to be 20 this year. That's quite old. 2 years of my life spent in the military. I'll be out 1 month before I turn 21.

Went church today, Pri 3 class had 4 new additions. Praise God. Rebecca and Zhang Wei must have been praying quite hard, I figure. Honestly I haven't been managing to put in much time for prayer and word. No excuse though. 2nd service message was quite good.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


A sergeant >>>

Is expected by the officers to carry out their plans.

Is expected by the men to represent them to the officers.

Is responsible to the officers when things go wrong.

Is blamed by the men when things go wrong.

Is to be close to his men, and yet be apart as a commander.

Is to understand each individual and build him up as a soldier.

Is to be at the peak of physical, mental and combat fitness.

Is to be better in technical skills then his men, who he teaches, and his officers, for he is a specialist.

Is to care for his soldiers and yet risk their lives for the sake of higher intent.

A Christian sergeant +

Is expected to do all the same.

And yet to maintain godliness in an often godless environment.

Is to meet with filth in thoughts, words and deeds each day and yet not be a part of it.

Is to pray for his men.

Is to pray for his officers.

And yet be scolded or talked about behind his back by both, since things often still do go wrong.

Is to seek excellence and yet not be proud.

Is accountable to God above human authority.

Is to make a right decision in ethical dilenmas
...And yet knowing that, often failing, God forgive, to do so.

When the Christian sergeant so happens to teach in Childrens' Ministry - _`-

He must

Do all the above.

Yet set aside time and space to love his children.

To teach his children to live by the way he acts.

Tolerate, embrace and enjoy the playfulness and cheekiness of his children, bringing discipline but not the habitual regimentation to his class.

Set aside time to spend with younger teachers.

Upkeep his own spiritual well-being.

No wonder he needs God desperately each day.

And yet he often forgets to call on God.

But he's learning... slowly.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Here I am

Here I am O Lord. Your child.

Been some time since I've come into really close contact with you Lord. Yes, I know I'm growing in wisdom and quiet strength where I am, through all the painful hard experiences there are. I know I'm learning things that make me more skilled for ministry wherever I am.

But I kinda miss those times Lord. Those times when I really took time off to fast and to pray. I miss those church camp times when I was in the midst of fellowship. Yes, even as the Psalmist missed those days that he was in the festive throng, leading the procession up to the house of the Lord. (Psalm 42).

Why art thou cast down O my soul? And why art thou disquieted within me? Hope thou in God, for I shall yet praise Him, who is the health of my countenance and my God. -Psalm 42:11.

I realise that I may be knowledgeable in the word, but I do believe I lack depth in understanding. And I lack wisdom in application. Truly, the more I walk with God, the more I realise that I am so lacking, so small.

It's not easy living for God in the army. But it'd be harder not living for God while in the army.

So far

Guess I'd better do an update.

Past weeks were busy in my battalion. Lots of issues that my men have. A different cut of society. Seldom have time to book out right now. Lots of duties.

Had a packed Sunday, beginning where my 24 hour guard duty ended. Had a short, stone-faced 30 minutes or so with my Pri 6s. Stone-faced cuz I really didn't know what to say, with that 30 minutes being the last 30 minutes they were in Sunday school as Pri 6s. Short because I had to rush down from camp.

Went for CM meeting, then badminton with people 2-3 years my junior, mostly. Then went Plaza Sing for dinner.

Monday was mostly spent at home.

In other news I wonder what God has in store for me. I spend the bulk of my time with a group of people I have no idea how to minister to. I'm not entirely unfamiliar with their issues since I came into contact with many of their kind while in secondary school. But ministering and praying and bringing them to Christ... that's something I'm not too sure how to go about. But God will lead me on as He has always done.

I book in tonight. The next time I book out is Sunday morn. A half day book out till Sunday night.