Saturday, December 08, 2007


Will be confined with my recruits coming in next week on Friday, so please keep me in prayer. That I'll know how to treat them. How to be a Christian soldier where I am.

Things seem quite alright. Completed my unit induction program, and earned my 1 SIR cap badge. Went through an 8 klick fast march/run with weapon stations inside, casaulty evacuation... etc finishing with a SOC. They call it the Leopard challenge. Quite happy to have completed it. 2 hours 47 minutes I think.

Rushed back to church to be with my Pri 6s in the Thanksgiving production. Really thank God that I could be with them. They may not really know it, but they mean a lot to me, the whole bunch. Good to see most of them smoothly transiting to YPM (where, if I'm not mistaken, they'll be under John Lam, my ol' YPMS teacher). Concerned for a few of them though.

Am very proud of how mature these Pri 6s are. How they're growing to become teenagers for Christ. Saw how they did the ushering on Thanksgiving day. So serious in their jobs. Must say that I believe that Samuel Kerk and their family upbringings were 2 large factors. Either way, I hope that my short time with them was of some help.

Many new faces in church right now. Many I don't know. Unfortunately haven't gotten to know many of them. Many people growing up. Well, that's obvious and not quite acute an observation. But just look at it man. When I first started helping out in CM, I was in Sec. 4. And now I'm in NS and I can really see how the current Sec. 4s/J1s have matured. Wayne, Trent, Andrea, Zhang Wei, Clara Ying, Jon Lim, Jon Tay, Shawn Goh... etc. Wow. A whole new group of teachers, standing right where I was.

See? That's when the four of us were in Sec. 4 and Sec. 3. On the church rooftop, last evening of the 04 camp.

Really enjoy myself around the current batch of 16 or so year olds. Once again, you guys may not know it, but it's awesome to spend time with you. Make me feel at home in God's house.

Then again I've always enjoyed myself in God's house, with the 3 shown above.

When I joined CM, bout a year back, God was telling me that the passion I have for the children AND the youth in CM was God-given. So there. I'll probably continue in CM for sometime, the way I see it.

Ah yes, I ain't as close to God these days as I was. Need to spend more time perhaps. I've been spending much time growing relationships with God's people, but I definitely need time to spend with God.

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