Sunday, November 18, 2007


Sometimes in army things get really tough. You just know that God is using the moment and situation to mould you. It's not always easy holding on to God. Christian people who behave worse than non-Christians. You look at them and sometimes you really question God. How can a Christian be using so many vulgarities? How can a Christian be talking so crudely about sex? Influence others to do unethical things?

Over the past weeks or so I've been the butt of many sarcastic and cruel comments of some influential people I've offended, some Christian. In the army. So much so that many people have problems to pick against me. It doesn't feel good to be called names. Like I've been called a dog, for example. Sometimes they gang up and say unpleasant things against me. And I'm already being very mild in my description.

It's tough not to strike back. It's tough to swallow.

At least I have only one week more to go before being posted to a new unit. I pray, and please do pray with me, that I'll be able to attend childrens' camp, at least and also YPM camp.

... Childrens' ministry is really a lifeline to me. It grounds me somewhere, that at least I know that there are brothers and sisters who do care for me. It's a warm place to be. I've been a soldier for 7 months and I really thank God for CM.

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