Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Loved by the Lord

Through all these trials I am going through, I am loved by the Lord. I am God's most unworthy friend.

These are a few of my current concerns. Prayers are coveted.

1)Whether God would let me finish ASLC. I've got some pain in the left foot still. I think it's the same ol' arch strain. Need to have wisdom and obedience in what exactly to do.

2)To honour God and serve Him with all my heart. In NS. Right here and now. In the midst of every challenge I'm being put through.

3)My ministry to the children never be adversely affected by what goes on to me in the army.

4)I can feel the squeeze, I know that God is allowing me to be moulded and bended. So I need to stick close to God through this all.

5)I'd really love to go to this year's childrens' camp. If God wills He will make a way.

A few names of the bible I like.

Elijah- A strong prophet of God, who was used so mightily. And yet look how often he cried before God. Kinda like me.

Jedidiah- Loved by the Lord, friend of God. God gave Solomon this name as well.

Othniel- Lion of God.

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