Saturday, July 28, 2007

This week ff

A rather good week. Physically tired. But spiritually up. After I got a lot of people to pray for me, that I'd trust God again and all. This prayer artillery really works. Thanks to my dad, mom, kor, Caleb, Joseph, Jesh, Kwan Chin, Mei Yan, Jia En, Jing Jie, Jie Hau, Aaron Oh, Jeremy Leong, Jon Lim, CM kids, Gabriel in camp... so many. Am blessed. Truly.

More trusting in God now. Less on my own strength. Think that was the reason of the sore eyes, that as Caleb said, I might still be seeking OCS and not God if He hadn't slowed me down. So thanks Lord.

Anybody at home shaking leg, nothing to do? Pray for my buddies and instructors, that they'll come to know my God.

And that I'll put God first in everything...

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