Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sore eyes II

Oh well, since I have a long Attn C (MC in Army terms), I thought I'd post a more complete entry.

Have never ever taken a single medical status in my entire army life. Have been sick with cough, headaches etc, but have never reported sick. And the first one is a Attn C. Ironic that many fellow trainees would gladly be in my position. But I'd rather be training and outfield. I take my job as a soldier seriously. And I do enjoy being a soldier. Sometimes things are hard and it's all I can do to refrain from swearing or allowing anger and stress to take control. But then I really grow as a person, in skills, confidence and in my walk with God.

Was reading Experiencing God, the youth edition workbook that we did in YPM many many years back, when I was a puny Sec 1 or 2. Back in YPMS days. And was reminded that I should trust God step by step, not to ask so much for the bigger picture, but be concerned only with each day. Matthew 6:33- Seek ye first the kingdom of God.

That's my position right now. Wanted to go OCS but am now in SISPEC. Thought I'd be able to cheong swa for this field camp but now have sore eyes- and apparently it's getting worse. This morning was the right. Now it's both.

Mind you, anybody who thinks SISPEC is a second rate school is dead wrong. And I'm not trying to be politically correct. SISPEC is more hands on. Anybody who knows enough will agree that the army cannot survive without its specialist corps.

So right now that's where I am, having my ambitions, but having surrendered them to God. Knowing that His will will be done ultimately. Learning to trust in Him each step of the way. It's not easy for me. I am a strong-willed person. I am opinionated. I can be dead stubborn. Then again I've also prayed that God do His will, that He bend and break and twist and mould me anyway that He wants, but if possible, that it not be too painful. And now that I'm going through such things, I should not complain.

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