Wednesday, July 18, 2007


They sent me back home.

Spent last night in an isolation ward at medical centre. First time in Army that I've had air-con and breakfast in bed. Night snack and cup noodles brought to me too. All because I'm not allowed to step out of the room.

Heck. I want to go out and fight.

Gladly trade my position Lord? Many want to be where I am, but I don't exactly. I have no idea what your plans are. How to perform in IPPT and SOC? How to chiong swa? Feeling so nuah already.

Doesn't feel right to be resting when the rest are braving the rain outfield. Doesn't feel right especially when they're doing what I like. When you've been sick, (if you were me), you'd rather be smack in the field.

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