Sunday, May 20, 2007


Booking in at 1840 hours.

NS is only 2 years. Need to see it in perspective.

Last week was quite bad for a lot of us in G Coy. Booked in and quite a few of us felt like crying. Perhaps it was because of the shortness of the weekend.

Am Plt I/C right now. Please pray for God's strength and His favour, which has been showing up quite a lot lately.

Will POP 13 June. That's quite fast. Only 20 odd days of BMT to go.

Going back to YPM I sometimes feel quite strange. Quite odd talking to ladies or guys who haven't gone NS. A little bit of a different world. Climbed up the playground roof and was sitting there with Jeshua for a while, talking bout our batch. It's just a blink of an eye before children turn into youth and adults.

Next week will have 12 klick, Sit test, IPPT, 16 klick. Quite strenuous.

As He wills, so shall it be.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Am about to book in at 1950 hours today.

Feel a little lost. Don't know why. Perhaps because I'm still adjusting to life as a soldier. No longer a student.

As a recruit I don't really have much responsibility... perhaps that's also why I feel lost. Got nothing to do in that sense. Just obey instructions and do my best. Do what I'm told and ask questions later.

Field camp this week. Am being promised that it'll be tough. Oh well. Shall see.