Monday, April 09, 2007


Today I went to see James off. And James forgot to bring his IC. Haha. Classic lor. Will be joining this brother on Tekong in a few.

Went fishing with Caleb. Daniel Li and Caleb's friend Chao Yuan were also there. Caught 3. First one was two fishes at once. Wah. Really thanked God. Think God was trying to cheer me up.

Haven't been training in the past few days. But BMT shouldn't be that hard I hope.

I pray that NS will be easier than my JC days. Sure, being lonely and not that able to mix with new people in AJ (been in a guys school for 10 years) drew me closer to God. And no leadership in ODAC was beneficial. But it was quite painful. I sure pray NS won't be like this. I really would like to mix with people and make close friends. Something which I didn't really get to do much in my tough JC years.

I have a history of having extremely good or extremely bad relations with my superiors. Has to do with me being outspoken. Sometimes outspoken with a lack of discernment and good measure. I really need God to watch over me in this.

Also need to keep a close walk with God throughout.

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pamela said...

hey ty,
heard you're enlisting this friday. Take care there, and don't break anything yeah? :P
Keeping you in prayer
Joshua 1:7