Sunday, April 29, 2007


First 2 weeks was harder than I thought. I'm not too sure about other coys but I feel quite physically exerted here. Quite a few times in which I felt like giving up and keng*. But thank God that I have yet to. If I can't finish the exercise, it's because I cannot, not because I slack.

Lots of vulgarities here. People seem to relish being able to speak them. And it's kinda encouraged by the culture.

Seems like quite a few things have happened since I entered NS. Am concerned about my cell. But one thing is certain. I see God's hand in this. His sovereignity and His final say.

Next week is field camp, so won't be home again. But having a long weekend now. Due to labour day and off in lieu for field camp.

Thank God for all the peace He's given me in this place. For all those I know are praying.


Booking out. You come to appreciate Singapore a lot more. On sunny days, you realize that mainland sun is quite nothing compared to Tekong.

Childrens' Ministry was kind of like the exact opposite of NS life. I was really glad to be there today. A fantastic, pleasant interlude. Good to see all my fellow bros and sis in Christ out of NS too.

Please keep me in prayer everyone. It's very very easy to fall away from God where I am. And yet because of that, I 'm getting stronger. Because I have no choice but to rely on God. Please, if you can spare a minute or two, also pray that I might be a humble servant before God and men. That I may do things out of a holy, sanctified desire, not for my own glory. There is nothing to glory in myself.

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