Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Vacational Bible School was on Monday and Tuesday. Learnt quite a bit about children from it. My kids are soooo sweet! Really love them. Then again they gave me a Primary 2 class, so it's very easy.

Very fun playing with them. I remember them by name lor. Can quote them here. Vanessa, Inez, Regina, Esther, Aaron, Dominic, Adriel, Wei Zhi, Joshua, James, Ezra, En Yang, Joel. Let them climb all over me. Mobile playground, if you will. Carry them to touch the ceiling. Then sometimes after lunch we form a rocket ( line up in single file) to lift-off (5-4-3-2-1 LIFT-OFFFFF!!!!!!) to Cana hall. Haha.

We even made a game out of picking up all the crepe paper in all the classrooms outside Music Room. I told them to imagine they were on a planet. And on this planet we collect trash. And then we started to pick up all the trash. And after we finished our cubicle, they went to all the other cubicles, till we had a mountain. And then since James needed it rolled up, I informed them that we had to roll up the crepe paper if we wanted it to become more powerful. (And on this planet, we MUST give the POWERFUL crepe paper to a certain man called kor kor James and say, "kor kor James, this is for you!")

Vanessa is very very cute. Pretty little dimpled face always contorted in mock exasperation. And Joshua is Korean. Very good English. Always hugging me. Very loveable. Ezra likes to hold on to my leg while I walk around. En Yang and Joel like to sit next to me. Inez is very guai* and quiet. Very obedient. Sweet girl. Regina also very obedient, clears the plates and all. Esther and James like to play fighting. Well, almost all the other guys do too. And I don't stop them. It's fun! I used to do the same. (And I still do. Hor Jeremy/Caleb/Tiew/Amos/James?)

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