Thursday, March 29, 2007


Was extremely bored yesterday and my mom went,"Yong ah... why not take out the Lego set and play huh?" And so I did.

The last time I did was somewhere in say... Primary 6 or Sec.1?

The Lego playset still really engrosses me, y'know. And I'm really not embarassed at all by this. It's who I am. I really still do enjoy playing.

That's good. Guess when I grow up and God-willing, become a father, I can play with my kids... or as my mom suggests, I'll dominate the toys so much that my kids complain.

NS comes soon. It does seem that right now I'm doing the most unique thing a young man my age does.

Ah maturity. Sometimes I feel that in our drive to be or seem mature, we try too hard. We lose a part of ourselves that is God-given. That is creative. We put too strong a filter to our inner creative being. We refuse to act like children and in so doing deny ourselves the joy of the child inside of us. And so in becoming mature we become immature. Immature in that we fail to see the torture we self-impose. Immature adults, devoid of the divine sparkle that children have in their eyes. And divine it is, for who or what, save a God-programmed in-born nature taught the children to play?

Anybody want to play with me? My kor seemed kinda tempted to.

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