Sunday, March 04, 2007

A B B B3

Lots of peace as I waited for my A's. Was sitting with Jing Jie and was just laughing and joking throughout the whole thing. Prayed for the right attitude and God's will be done. I think it was answered.

Quite good actually. More than what I asked for.

Hist. C math Econs
Promos E O O
Mid years E F D
Prelims B O D
A's A B B

GP was a B3. That's enough to meet most minimum course requirements I think.

See now why I praise God?

I never got above a D for major exams. While some got straight As, I did not even get straight Cs. Only in History, once- a B.

And heh heh, look at the C maths. Thank you Lord. Thank you so so much.

In other news I heard from God this morning in CM service. God told me He loves me.
Had a good time with God in the afternoon while it was still raining. There was this Arise thing going on. Not exactly sure what it was. Some childrens' thing. At Fellowship Hall. As I walked past I could sense the strong presence of God. And so I just went in. Ended up kneeling down and letting God's presence flow.
The really awesome thing about ministry is that when the Spirit moves, anyone can receive. Even when I go to Hokkien service, I don't always understand everything. (Right, most of the time I figure out about 30% to 50% of what is happening. Sometimes close to 0%.) But when God's presence is there, anybody who knows God (and perhaps those who have yet to know Him) can be ministered unto.
Was just telling God this morn. What I bring to Him is really meagre. In all areas. In CM, in the youth, in the NS (I know it will be). But it's all I have. And I just surrendered everything to Him. I prayed that He'll prosper the work of my hands, not because I am that great a worker, but I am obedient a servant. And so that His name, not mine might be glorified. That I become less so He become more.
God can be experienced everyday. His joy and His peace are not exclusive to certain Christians. His love and favour is not exclusive to camps. Seek Him.

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