Tuesday, February 06, 2007

O Lord

Dear God

How often I forget to depend on you.
You have given me strength.
Given me my mind.
Yet if I rely on either to solve my problems I fall flat.
And so it's your grace and your mercy
and your Spirit which will carry me through.

It is not by my human effort.
Or my intellect.
Simply by the blood of my Lord.
By dependence on the Spirit.
Which will see me through.

Sin- The monster which keeps trying to grab back at me.

It will fail. But only in the name of Jesus.

The best part is that each time it succeeds and I allow God to take over, it will then proceed to utterly fail.

(Even though I don't really play com games, to put it in a modern-day parable, it's something like this. Life is a com game. Sin is the boss. Which keeps getting tougher to fight at each level. You can't exactly eliminate sin. If you want to remain in the game, you've got to fight a different type of boss at each level. Progressively harder, generally. And God. Hoho. He's the com game pro. Hand the joystick to Him if you even want to stay in the game. No other choice. If not you might just need to replay the whole level.

And the more prayer partners and spiritual allies the better. They'll help you at different points of the game. In fact, they're compulsory for certain missions. Hmmm. On retrospect that's not too good an explanation.)

I, even I, am He who blots out all your transgressions, and remembers them no more, for my name's sake.
-Isaiah 43:25

A's coming out soon. Thinking about which course to enrol in.

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