Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Chasing God.

As the title says.

Because I truly know that nothing can take the place of God.

Try to replace it with friends and you'll be disappointed.

Try to replace it with lustful thoughts (and this is especially for guys) and it'll fall face flat and be empty (even though it satisfies for a little while). And there'll be no peace. It's a temporary pain-relief. Like some kind of drug. You can get addicted. But everything will get worse. And later you still have to get rid of the addiction. It never solves the problem.

Try to replace it with success and you'll never be satisfied. You'll chase it endlessly.

Try to replace it with your own strength and someday you'll find yourself dry and tired.

I interpreted this prophetic tongue by James Ow Yong a couple of years back. And it was whispered into my ear. Went like this, "This is a man after God and he will run after God all the days of his life."

Still running. Even though the running environment's getting tougher.

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