Saturday, February 24, 2007

9 fingers.

Long day at work.

Staff room's toilet air-conditioned. So I decided to use it. Had just squatted down when I recalled that I had had a call from Joseph Tiew earlier, and an sms. Hadn't answered it because I was teaching.

And so I opened the sms. And in Joseph's most interesting words, it read "We need prayer. Caleb is injured. His finger is chopped off."

Ah. How interesting innit.

So I pulled up my pants (I hadn't even started, what the heck) and got to my office phone (didn't want to waste money on phone calls what).

And so I found out that Caleb's finger's bone was still intact. Only the flesh and fats (of which the 3 of us have quite a bit to spare) was chopped off.

Went down to NUH to take a look. And Caleb was crapping all the way as usual. I have never seen a 9 fingered man so happy in my life.

Laugh laugh joke joke. All the way from the holding room to the operating theatre (they did a skin graft on him) all the way out. I take my hat off (not that I'm wearing one anyway) to you bro.

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