Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Chasing God.

As the title says.

Because I truly know that nothing can take the place of God.

Try to replace it with friends and you'll be disappointed.

Try to replace it with lustful thoughts (and this is especially for guys) and it'll fall face flat and be empty (even though it satisfies for a little while). And there'll be no peace. It's a temporary pain-relief. Like some kind of drug. You can get addicted. But everything will get worse. And later you still have to get rid of the addiction. It never solves the problem.

Try to replace it with success and you'll never be satisfied. You'll chase it endlessly.

Try to replace it with your own strength and someday you'll find yourself dry and tired.

I interpreted this prophetic tongue by James Ow Yong a couple of years back. And it was whispered into my ear. Went like this, "This is a man after God and he will run after God all the days of his life."

Still running. Even though the running environment's getting tougher.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Have not

Have not heard God speak to me for quite a while.

I think something is happening.

Monday, February 26, 2007

A prayer


Not that I good grades.

But that my attitude before you be right no matter what I get.

And that your will be done.

In the name of Jesus I pray.


Saturday, February 24, 2007

9 fingers.

Long day at work.

Staff room's toilet air-conditioned. So I decided to use it. Had just squatted down when I recalled that I had had a call from Joseph Tiew earlier, and an sms. Hadn't answered it because I was teaching.

And so I opened the sms. And in Joseph's most interesting words, it read "We need prayer. Caleb is injured. His finger is chopped off."

Ah. How interesting innit.

So I pulled up my pants (I hadn't even started, what the heck) and got to my office phone (didn't want to waste money on phone calls what).

And so I found out that Caleb's finger's bone was still intact. Only the flesh and fats (of which the 3 of us have quite a bit to spare) was chopped off.

Went down to NUH to take a look. And Caleb was crapping all the way as usual. I have never seen a 9 fingered man so happy in my life.

Laugh laugh joke joke. All the way from the holding room to the operating theatre (they did a skin graft on him) all the way out. I take my hat off (not that I'm wearing one anyway) to you bro.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Fishing trip

One of the closest that I could get to the great outdoors. Pasir Ris Farmway 2. On one side you can see a couple of flats and buildings (which really kind of spoil the feel). On the other, it's more or less jungle.

I like the area for its raw appeal. No toilet facilities. No tap water. Cool.

Went there last Friday. With James Ow Yong, Caleb Lim, Aaron Lim, Jeremy Leong and Daniel Li. We didn't catch that much fish, but I really enjoyed the whole affair.

Started at about 7p.m. That's a Catfish. Given by either Caleb or Aaron. I caught a catfish and some other small variety. But it was on their lines. I merely fought with it. Well, another smart Catfish we caught got away. Jumped out of the net. Only found out the next morning.

These are the gills of the first catfish we caught. The heart (at least we thought it was the heart) was still beating after we took it out. Very interesting. (Does that make me sound sadist?)

Barbequed some fish we caught. Well, actually the uncles there helped us lots. That was dinner.

Had lime and chilli and tabasco sauce. Mmm mmm.

One of the uncles tending the fire. They even caught a piranha. We BBQed it alive.

The surrounding area's quite jungled. (By the way, the python we played with the last time had escaped by the time we paid the area another visit.) So lots of interesting stuff. This here's a monitor lizard. Skinned and frozen for 3 days. Uncles dared us to eat. So we did. In the end, it tastes pretty much like normal fish. Even the liver tastes like regular liver. Goes down well with tabasco sauce.

Disposal of bones and various inedible parts of the fish.

And these are the talons of 2 eagles that were previously caught and kept as pets. What happened to the rest of the birds? Well, they were eaten. By a boa constrictor in the area. Why didn't the talons go down the snake's gullet? They were tied up. The eagles were tied up when the snake came along, spotting a free, exotic meal. Yum yum.

Fished past 3a.m. Didn't catch a thing on this watch.

Slept a bit on the jetty. While Caleb continued to fish.

Woke up close to 7a.m. and continued fishing. Guy in yellow's Aaron Lim. To the left's a hut. If you walk all the way right, say 200m, you'll find some construction work going on. There's a 3m (I think) deep well there. 3m from the top to the water surface. Not too conspicious, so be careful not to drop in.

A friggin strong fish did bite on one of my baits in the morning. But it got entangled in another line. What a waste.

Then left at 8 plus for home. One of the best experiences ever.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Thank you Lord.

For everything.

The friendships. The family. The material possessions. Eyes, hands, feet.


I can't even thank you enough. And you haven't even stopped blessing me.

Monday, February 12, 2007

I want and I want to want

I want to serve God in NS.

I want to serve those around me. I want to have the heart of a servant. Not to care so much about command school. But to go in and serve my platoon mates, with love. And to go where God wills me to.

I want to want God more than command school or my commanders' favour. I want to want His will to be done, even though it might be painful.

I want to obey the call of God, not the call of my pride. I want to see things in God's way. To seek His glory above mine.

And if I ever go against this in attitude or deed, someone, anyone, please whack me with what I just said.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Prayer requests

1. My walk is not too good. Not spending enough time with God.

2. Classes are improving, but I got some of the tough classes. Need strength, wisdom, and patience, lots of it.

3. A's coming out soon. Thinking of SMU business. Wondering what else I should apply for, besides that.

2 of my closest buddies.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

O Lord

Dear God

How often I forget to depend on you.
You have given me strength.
Given me my mind.
Yet if I rely on either to solve my problems I fall flat.
And so it's your grace and your mercy
and your Spirit which will carry me through.

It is not by my human effort.
Or my intellect.
Simply by the blood of my Lord.
By dependence on the Spirit.
Which will see me through.

Sin- The monster which keeps trying to grab back at me.

It will fail. But only in the name of Jesus.

The best part is that each time it succeeds and I allow God to take over, it will then proceed to utterly fail.

(Even though I don't really play com games, to put it in a modern-day parable, it's something like this. Life is a com game. Sin is the boss. Which keeps getting tougher to fight at each level. You can't exactly eliminate sin. If you want to remain in the game, you've got to fight a different type of boss at each level. Progressively harder, generally. And God. Hoho. He's the com game pro. Hand the joystick to Him if you even want to stay in the game. No other choice. If not you might just need to replay the whole level.

And the more prayer partners and spiritual allies the better. They'll help you at different points of the game. In fact, they're compulsory for certain missions. Hmmm. On retrospect that's not too good an explanation.)

I, even I, am He who blots out all your transgressions, and remembers them no more, for my name's sake.
-Isaiah 43:25

A's coming out soon. Thinking about which course to enrol in.