Saturday, January 20, 2007


I always like to ask people how their walk is going.

And now mine is quite down.

Oh dear. Another time of discipline ah, Lord?

Kind of bored some days. Questioning lots of things Lord. Things start to get on my nerves. Start to be even more skeptical than normal. And the thing with Christians is that though they are called to grace, they still sin. And it is simply easy to judge and tear them apart if I want to. Not that I'd stand up to the same tearing.

When I'm having real good quiet times, I know I can't live without them.

When quiet times start to get dry, I press on. But it gets a lil tiring. And in those moments especially I start to question things. And I can't fault God. But I can fault the people of God. And then all the frustration comes out.

And then the whole walk thing seems futile. Why do I even spend more than an hour a day on this stuff? Perhaps I could utilise the time better elsewhere.

I know I'm wrong. So help me God. Change those attitudes. (And while saying this I know God might just take it as an indication to whack me. Well Lord, you know that as Caleb Lim put it, it's not how hard you slap me. All I really care about is what happens after you slap me.)

And speaking of whacking, you should see how we whacked the NP cadets today and yesterday.

NP interview. The second best thing besides the lion question. For a few unfortunate potential cadets.
Once they enter the room.
"How many pushups can you do ?"
"... 10?"
"Show me."
"1, 2, 3...."
The sec. 3s today.
For one exercise. Gave them 2 20 sided dice to throw. The number of pushups would be the first dice's number times the second dice's number. Fortunate for them. Got 15 and 2.
Later they did something else with the dice. 2 groups got below a hundred. The suay* group got 912, if I'm not wrong. Well at least there was an exchange rate. 2 crunches for 1 pushup. 10 storeys up and down for 50 pushups. Would have given them 1 commando pushup for 5 standard pushups. But then it was too dangerous, since they were quite tired. The 1 one-arm for 5 standard nobody had enough energy to carry out.
To a particular cadet. Sec. 3. So can whack.
"Are you happy to see Staff Cheow Soon today?"
thinks carefully.
"Errr... Yes."
"Ah, ok. Down 10 to say hello to Staff Cheow Soon. Down."
"How many pushups can you do?"
"Errr. 10."
"Ah okay. Down 15."
Eyes wide. Has no choice.
"1 sir ... 2 sir ... 3 sir... ......... 15 sir"
"Ah! How many pushups did you say you could do? 10 right? Lying to me right? Down another 10"
"16 sir... 17 sir... 25 sir."
"Ar, how come now you can do 25?"
"I didn't know sir!"
"Ahhhh. So we are in the era of new discoveries. Down another 5."
"26 sir... 27 sir... 30 sir."
Tekan-ing people makes me happy.
Very happy.

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