Friday, January 12, 2007

Taupok, Out Fishing, BMT

Just an interesting note. James Ow Yong got tau-pok ed, and waxed twice in three years. Jeshua got it twice in a day-Sunday. He practically asked for it after we did it the first time. Said that he didn't believe we could do it again.

So we did it again. At the void deck. Jeshua's quite a fighter. Took 5 of us for a reasonable job.


Went out to fish at Pasir Ris Farm Way 1 on Tuesday night, after relief teaching at Montfort. Was with Joseph, Jeshua, Caleb, Aaron and Samson.

Very fun. Casting the line and all.

Might interest you to know that the brown fish feed is made of rice husks and tastes a little salty. The white one is made of wheat. Not really salty, but tastes better than the brown one. Didn't try the stale bread. Cuz it'd just taste like bread I guess.

Besides fishing, spent some time plucking fleas off this dog. Looked like a golden retriever. Poor thing. Very gentle guy. The son of a bitch (how else to call it?) crushed chicken bones with his teeth just like that, but was very tame.

Played with the python the uncles caught. Friggin fast, the way it moves. The first time I managed to get it behind the head quite easily. (Someone else has to hold it at the tail, so it won't start coiling around.) Played a bit with the snake. Tried twisting it around like a rope. To see how far it could go. Made it kiss its own ass and all. Well, it got back on us by shitting on Joseph.

The second time we made the mistake of irritating it a bit before catching it. I got bitten twice. The first time I tried to grab it behind the neck and it moved with lightning speed. Retracted my arm to avoid a full bite, but got grazed. The second time I tried to use the sack to grab the head. It bit right through the sack. Ouch. But pythons ain't poisonous. Quite a fun experience.

In the end, fashioned a nylon noose and slipped it around the neck with Aaron's help. Then Aaron used a stick to tighten the noose around the python's neck. Hoisted it up and then I got a good hold of the fella. Very strong python. They say it's a baby, but it takes about 3 of us to safely handle it.

Will try to post the picture of the snake if I get it soon.

Saw Jeshua off all the way to Tekong today.
Saw Enos off yesterday. The funny guy only finished buying his stuff the night before. Or so I thought. Enos enlisted at 14:30 hours. Met him for breakfast and lunch at Hougang Mall.
"Eh Enos ah, 12:40 already leh, you want to go yet?"
"No lah, stay around a bit more."
And so we leave at about 1.
"Oh no, I forgot to buy my slippers and alarm clock. What time is it now?"
"1:10 p.m.?"
"What? So fast?"
And then we buy the stuff. So Enos officially finishes buying his BMT stuff 1 hour before enlisting. And I say, not bad bro. Haha.

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