Monday, January 08, 2007

Last few days

For one of the first times, you're seeing me put this in chronological log-book style. That's because I'm quite physically exhausted. Please pray for me ladies and gents.


Went back to NPCC. Had a really great time with my old CIs and my comrades-in-arms. Damien, my Kor, Kee Chin, Kok Hiong, Kee Kien, Wei Yi, Cheow Soon. Also the new batch of NCOs.

Heh heh heh. Training was fun. For me.

Went YPM after that. Matthew shared.


CM. God spoke to me in the morn. During Power Praise Team worship. That's why I missed one of the slides for one of the songs.

God spoke into my heart. I was doing transparencies and the kids were behind me singing. And then I heard from God.

I'm pleased with that.

And then I start to cry because of the presence of God.

Listen to that. (as in listen to them sing.)

And here, it's indescribable, because God was letting me understand and feel how pleased/ how much He enjoyed/ how He loved His kids' worship. I knew God was very pleased.

And then I wondered whether to share it with everyone directly after the Praise and Worship

I told you that so that you would know how I feel.

So I figured that I didn't have to share it. But to all who read this, just be encouraged that sometimes when you least expect it, God speaks to simple people like us.


Great day at school. Get paid for 5.5 hours work. But since I have a long term job I'm actually far exceeding that. Today was about 11 hours. Friday slightly more. Not left with a lesson plan, so the untrained relief teacher (me) has to come up with his own lesson plan.

Have 2 NA classes in Sec. 2. Teach one of them English lit and two of them English. 2 NT classes in Sec. 1. Teach them English. As in teach, not relief-teach.

But God has been very good to me. Prayed that I'd be able to establish rapport with them, and that they'd start to get obedient. And that's happened so far today. Thursday and Friday were far worse.

Had an issue with a student today. Don't want to post that up here, but well, ask me privately and I'll prob tell you. Need prayer on that. So please ask me.

And so I'll be doing a long-term relief teaching job for the next few weeks, I figure. Good income. Thank God, cuz that was what I've been praying for. (And what quite a few bros and sis helped to pray for.) It ain't easy, but well, I guess that the only reason why I can remain in long term employment is that I willingly accept the responsibility of really teaching.

Thank God also for the warm working environment. Tai Yong was not that nice a student when he was a student. (Of course he had to be a student if he says he wasn't that nice a student.) Really thank God that my old teachers are looking out for me in school. Good to know that 2 of my old teachers are vice-principals now. Thank God that they've made me feel welcome.

Glad to be back in Montfort!

... So help me God.

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