Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dairy Farm

Our campsite for Childrens' Camp 06. Went back there for an interview with Innotrek, the outdoor adventure agency.

Walked through those same old gates. The building's almost exactly the same. Same dorms. The logs are mostly still the same. Just reminisced that four days in camp. The kids running about. The teachers. Daniel Yim, Caleb, Joseph, Jon Tay, Andrea, Luke Tang...

Strolled through the canteen. Where the Praise and Worship was held. Mused at how God spoke to me during the camp. This time there were a group of Pri 5s from Yumin primary (if I got the spelling correct.)

Moved up towards dorm 3A. My old bunk. Remembered praying with my dorm guys in the mornings. Then dorm 2A and B. A not-too-distant memory of helping Caleb spiff up his black leather shoes the night before his prom, at the staircase and in the loo.

Sat outside 2A. Outside the office. Waiting for my interview (they told me to come at 4 p.m. In the end the person overlooked something. Had some appointment. So I sat there waiting for about 40 min.)

The whir and the click of my mind. Something was different.

That's it.

The campsite was effectively a corpse. It was the same place of course. Yet it was different. Because there was no more life there. Yeah, there was another camp group. But it wasn't my fellow bros and sis in Christ. There wasn't the smell of God in the place. The knowledge that God was looking over. The Holy Spirit was in me, that I knew. But it's so different when it's not over the entire campsite. Catch my drift?

A nutshell with the peanut gone.

Went for the interview. Innotrek is quite impressive. But would have to pay S$70 for a course. And then do 3 days 2 nights as an assistant for them, pay not inclusive. Following which S$160 for each 3 days 2 nights camp. Hmmm. Like the company. Can definitely learn from the way they relate to the children. Their SOP and organizational structure appears quite solid too. But currently I think things will be better off in Montfort and in my unit back there. Pay scheme is better back in school too.

And so, took about 1.5 hours on the bus back home. Well, saved the cab fare.

Those who sniggered, down 20.

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