Saturday, January 20, 2007


I always like to ask people how their walk is going.

And now mine is quite down.

Oh dear. Another time of discipline ah, Lord?

Kind of bored some days. Questioning lots of things Lord. Things start to get on my nerves. Start to be even more skeptical than normal. And the thing with Christians is that though they are called to grace, they still sin. And it is simply easy to judge and tear them apart if I want to. Not that I'd stand up to the same tearing.

When I'm having real good quiet times, I know I can't live without them.

When quiet times start to get dry, I press on. But it gets a lil tiring. And in those moments especially I start to question things. And I can't fault God. But I can fault the people of God. And then all the frustration comes out.

And then the whole walk thing seems futile. Why do I even spend more than an hour a day on this stuff? Perhaps I could utilise the time better elsewhere.

I know I'm wrong. So help me God. Change those attitudes. (And while saying this I know God might just take it as an indication to whack me. Well Lord, you know that as Caleb Lim put it, it's not how hard you slap me. All I really care about is what happens after you slap me.)

And speaking of whacking, you should see how we whacked the NP cadets today and yesterday.

NP interview. The second best thing besides the lion question. For a few unfortunate potential cadets.
Once they enter the room.
"How many pushups can you do ?"
"... 10?"
"Show me."
"1, 2, 3...."
The sec. 3s today.
For one exercise. Gave them 2 20 sided dice to throw. The number of pushups would be the first dice's number times the second dice's number. Fortunate for them. Got 15 and 2.
Later they did something else with the dice. 2 groups got below a hundred. The suay* group got 912, if I'm not wrong. Well at least there was an exchange rate. 2 crunches for 1 pushup. 10 storeys up and down for 50 pushups. Would have given them 1 commando pushup for 5 standard pushups. But then it was too dangerous, since they were quite tired. The 1 one-arm for 5 standard nobody had enough energy to carry out.
To a particular cadet. Sec. 3. So can whack.
"Are you happy to see Staff Cheow Soon today?"
thinks carefully.
"Errr... Yes."
"Ah, ok. Down 10 to say hello to Staff Cheow Soon. Down."
"How many pushups can you do?"
"Errr. 10."
"Ah okay. Down 15."
Eyes wide. Has no choice.
"1 sir ... 2 sir ... 3 sir... ......... 15 sir"
"Ah! How many pushups did you say you could do? 10 right? Lying to me right? Down another 10"
"16 sir... 17 sir... 25 sir."
"Ar, how come now you can do 25?"
"I didn't know sir!"
"Ahhhh. So we are in the era of new discoveries. Down another 5."
"26 sir... 27 sir... 30 sir."
Tekan-ing people makes me happy.
Very happy.

NP Sec. 1 interview

Went back to help with the interview. A few standard questions. Then the best part.

"One night you are trekking in Pulau Ubin. There is a girl beside you. All of a sudden you turn around and you find the girl isn't there. You look at the ground and you see footprints of a lion. Then you hear a lion roar. What is the first thing you would do?"

"I would go after the lion."

"Assume it's a guy. Would you do the same?"

"No, the guy can struggle by himself."

"I would go after the lion."
"Right, so you find the girl. And the girl's hand is in the mouth of the lion. What would you do?"
"Do I have any weapons?"
"I give you a pen knife"
"I would slash the lion."
"Ah, I see. Which part of the lion?"
potential recruit stops to think carefully.
"... the heart"
"Ah. Where is the heart of the lion?"
"I... don't know."
"I would run away."
"So if it's a guy I assume you would do the same thing?"
"Yes. Run away."
"Mmmmm. So what if it's your mother?"
pauses to think.
"I would save. Run after the lion."
"What if it was me?"
thinks intensely and hesitates.
"I would save."
"Oh. Why?"
"Errr. Because police must save people one."
"Ah! Then what about the guy and the girl?"
stunned silence.
(By the way there are no lions on Pulau Ubin. Or Singapore... etc. But sadly no one got that.)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Very extremely good friend Caleb has a good deal-

Thumbdrives for sale:

1GB for S$30 and 2GB for S$50

Now come on, how often do you see such a post on Tai Yong's blog? Contact me for further details. All proceeds go to er... buying the thumbdrive and to well... Caleb.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dairy Farm

Our campsite for Childrens' Camp 06. Went back there for an interview with Innotrek, the outdoor adventure agency.

Walked through those same old gates. The building's almost exactly the same. Same dorms. The logs are mostly still the same. Just reminisced that four days in camp. The kids running about. The teachers. Daniel Yim, Caleb, Joseph, Jon Tay, Andrea, Luke Tang...

Strolled through the canteen. Where the Praise and Worship was held. Mused at how God spoke to me during the camp. This time there were a group of Pri 5s from Yumin primary (if I got the spelling correct.)

Moved up towards dorm 3A. My old bunk. Remembered praying with my dorm guys in the mornings. Then dorm 2A and B. A not-too-distant memory of helping Caleb spiff up his black leather shoes the night before his prom, at the staircase and in the loo.

Sat outside 2A. Outside the office. Waiting for my interview (they told me to come at 4 p.m. In the end the person overlooked something. Had some appointment. So I sat there waiting for about 40 min.)

The whir and the click of my mind. Something was different.

That's it.

The campsite was effectively a corpse. It was the same place of course. Yet it was different. Because there was no more life there. Yeah, there was another camp group. But it wasn't my fellow bros and sis in Christ. There wasn't the smell of God in the place. The knowledge that God was looking over. The Holy Spirit was in me, that I knew. But it's so different when it's not over the entire campsite. Catch my drift?

A nutshell with the peanut gone.

Went for the interview. Innotrek is quite impressive. But would have to pay S$70 for a course. And then do 3 days 2 nights as an assistant for them, pay not inclusive. Following which S$160 for each 3 days 2 nights camp. Hmmm. Like the company. Can definitely learn from the way they relate to the children. Their SOP and organizational structure appears quite solid too. But currently I think things will be better off in Montfort and in my unit back there. Pay scheme is better back in school too.

And so, took about 1.5 hours on the bus back home. Well, saved the cab fare.

Those who sniggered, down 20.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Taupok, Out Fishing, BMT

Just an interesting note. James Ow Yong got tau-pok ed, and waxed twice in three years. Jeshua got it twice in a day-Sunday. He practically asked for it after we did it the first time. Said that he didn't believe we could do it again.

So we did it again. At the void deck. Jeshua's quite a fighter. Took 5 of us for a reasonable job.


Went out to fish at Pasir Ris Farm Way 1 on Tuesday night, after relief teaching at Montfort. Was with Joseph, Jeshua, Caleb, Aaron and Samson.

Very fun. Casting the line and all.

Might interest you to know that the brown fish feed is made of rice husks and tastes a little salty. The white one is made of wheat. Not really salty, but tastes better than the brown one. Didn't try the stale bread. Cuz it'd just taste like bread I guess.

Besides fishing, spent some time plucking fleas off this dog. Looked like a golden retriever. Poor thing. Very gentle guy. The son of a bitch (how else to call it?) crushed chicken bones with his teeth just like that, but was very tame.

Played with the python the uncles caught. Friggin fast, the way it moves. The first time I managed to get it behind the head quite easily. (Someone else has to hold it at the tail, so it won't start coiling around.) Played a bit with the snake. Tried twisting it around like a rope. To see how far it could go. Made it kiss its own ass and all. Well, it got back on us by shitting on Joseph.

The second time we made the mistake of irritating it a bit before catching it. I got bitten twice. The first time I tried to grab it behind the neck and it moved with lightning speed. Retracted my arm to avoid a full bite, but got grazed. The second time I tried to use the sack to grab the head. It bit right through the sack. Ouch. But pythons ain't poisonous. Quite a fun experience.

In the end, fashioned a nylon noose and slipped it around the neck with Aaron's help. Then Aaron used a stick to tighten the noose around the python's neck. Hoisted it up and then I got a good hold of the fella. Very strong python. They say it's a baby, but it takes about 3 of us to safely handle it.

Will try to post the picture of the snake if I get it soon.

Saw Jeshua off all the way to Tekong today.
Saw Enos off yesterday. The funny guy only finished buying his stuff the night before. Or so I thought. Enos enlisted at 14:30 hours. Met him for breakfast and lunch at Hougang Mall.
"Eh Enos ah, 12:40 already leh, you want to go yet?"
"No lah, stay around a bit more."
And so we leave at about 1.
"Oh no, I forgot to buy my slippers and alarm clock. What time is it now?"
"1:10 p.m.?"
"What? So fast?"
And then we buy the stuff. So Enos officially finishes buying his BMT stuff 1 hour before enlisting. And I say, not bad bro. Haha.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Last few days

For one of the first times, you're seeing me put this in chronological log-book style. That's because I'm quite physically exhausted. Please pray for me ladies and gents.


Went back to NPCC. Had a really great time with my old CIs and my comrades-in-arms. Damien, my Kor, Kee Chin, Kok Hiong, Kee Kien, Wei Yi, Cheow Soon. Also the new batch of NCOs.

Heh heh heh. Training was fun. For me.

Went YPM after that. Matthew shared.


CM. God spoke to me in the morn. During Power Praise Team worship. That's why I missed one of the slides for one of the songs.

God spoke into my heart. I was doing transparencies and the kids were behind me singing. And then I heard from God.

I'm pleased with that.

And then I start to cry because of the presence of God.

Listen to that. (as in listen to them sing.)

And here, it's indescribable, because God was letting me understand and feel how pleased/ how much He enjoyed/ how He loved His kids' worship. I knew God was very pleased.

And then I wondered whether to share it with everyone directly after the Praise and Worship

I told you that so that you would know how I feel.

So I figured that I didn't have to share it. But to all who read this, just be encouraged that sometimes when you least expect it, God speaks to simple people like us.


Great day at school. Get paid for 5.5 hours work. But since I have a long term job I'm actually far exceeding that. Today was about 11 hours. Friday slightly more. Not left with a lesson plan, so the untrained relief teacher (me) has to come up with his own lesson plan.

Have 2 NA classes in Sec. 2. Teach one of them English lit and two of them English. 2 NT classes in Sec. 1. Teach them English. As in teach, not relief-teach.

But God has been very good to me. Prayed that I'd be able to establish rapport with them, and that they'd start to get obedient. And that's happened so far today. Thursday and Friday were far worse.

Had an issue with a student today. Don't want to post that up here, but well, ask me privately and I'll prob tell you. Need prayer on that. So please ask me.

And so I'll be doing a long-term relief teaching job for the next few weeks, I figure. Good income. Thank God, cuz that was what I've been praying for. (And what quite a few bros and sis helped to pray for.) It ain't easy, but well, I guess that the only reason why I can remain in long term employment is that I willingly accept the responsibility of really teaching.

Thank God also for the warm working environment. Tai Yong was not that nice a student when he was a student. (Of course he had to be a student if he says he wasn't that nice a student.) Really thank God that my old teachers are looking out for me in school. Good to know that 2 of my old teachers are vice-principals now. Thank God that they've made me feel welcome.

Glad to be back in Montfort!

... So help me God.

Monday, January 01, 2007

On Marriage.

Not that I agree or disagree with all of these. But I find some parts hilarious. And since I'm neither attached or married it's perfectly safe to post this!

Haha. Guys, enjoy.

On Marriage.

"My advice to you is get married: if you find a good wife you'll be happy; if not, you'll become a philosopher."

"When a man steals your wife there is no better revenge than to let him keep her."

"My wife has a slight impediment in her speech. Every now and then she stops to breathe."

"Do you know what it means to come home at night to a woman who'll give you a little love, a little affection, a little tenderness? It means you're in the wrong house, that's what it means."

"I haven't spoken to my wife in years. I didn't want to interrupt her."

"A married man should forget his mistakes; no use two people remembering the same thing."


That Tai Yong ah... tsk tsk. Another ambiguous post.

A brilliant stroke, Lord.

I mean it, not sarcastically.