Friday, December 22, 2006


Sec. 4 class reunion on Wednesday night.


Been looking for a job.

Called a toy shop for a job as shop assistant. Person was extremely harried. Hours are 12 a day, inclusive of Saturday and Sunday. Person didn't want to discuss pay and wanted to arrange an interview immediately.

No thank you.

Then called for another ad. This time even worse. Didn't tell me anything, except that they were selling electronics and space equipment (Must be some inter-galactic peace enforcement organization? Well, either that or an inter-galactic mercantile organization. Or worst, an inter-galactic TERRORIST organization!!!). Said he wasn't at liberty to discuss pay. Wanted to arrange interview. (Must have been because he could erase my memory if I didn't want the job after all.)

No thank you.

Called one for horse-keeping. More to find out what the job was about than anything. Left a number. Person still hasn't called me back yet. Wonder if they've found a person. Imagine the horse poop piling up without a horse-keeper? Great big mountains of horse poop and rivers of... well I'll spare you the agony.

Sent out an enquiry for lifeguard at Wild Wild Wet. No response yet. Perhaps I'll send another enquiry.

Applied for relief teaching. Went back to school to speak to a few teachers. This one has a bit more hope than the rest. Have got referrals, unlike most of the other applicants.

Enquired about a freelance camp instructor job. Still trying to arrange for an interview.

Also asked about a freelance story-writer job for a kid's magazine. Ended off with something like:"And least importantly, how many peanuts do you pay? (Just kidding)".

Realised that I'm entirely unused to the odd feeling of doing nothing. Can't exactly sit at home and do nothing. Feels frustrating. So at least now that I'm looking for a job, it's better.

Went with Caleb Lim to pick up some guitar supplies at Bras Basah and Peninsular today. Got a guitar tuner at S$18, and a few picks. Cheapest I could find. Took a look at newly renovated St. Andrew's Cathedral. Quite nice.

Praying for ministry in NS. That people turn to God there. Will see.

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