Thursday, November 16, 2006

It's almost over.

It's almost over.

Today's Int'l History. Before History we begged our History teacher to say that "China won't come out". And she sarcastically complied.

Before we entered the hall we gathered in a circle, joint hands like they do at competitions and went "HISTORY!", much to the amusement of others. Yeah morale was high. It's always been high for History. (Note: That doesn't mean the grades were always equally high. Well at least not directly after the World Cup season.)

The questions were kind of unexpected. Lots of people thrown off. China wasn't supposed to come out. Nobody was dumb enough to study it cuz it came out for 2 years already. In fact, anyone who studied it was a total idiot. Until it really came out. Almost exactly the same. Source-based was ok. They mixed the origins question with end of Cold War. Ah, oh well. It's over. Think it went ok though.

One more paper on Monday. History Southeast Asia.

"China China China. Three years already. What's wrong with Cambridge? What so good about China huh? You tell me lah. China very big ah? They think China very great is it? What's their bloody problem. Tell China come and find me lah. I whack China then they know ah!"

-One of my buddies.

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