Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Wry notes. Life in college.

C maths teacher: Tai Yong, did you do the last prelim assignment?

Tai Yong: No.

C maths teacher: Why not? Then what have you been doing the whole weekend?

Tai Yong: Econs and History.


The hardworking student's take: Wah, this test was friggin hard. Fortunately I studied for it.

The slacker's take: Wah so hard. Fortunately never study. Study already also will fail.

The A student: Hard meh?

The ultra-slacker: Is it? I see the first question I sian* already, cannot do. Then in the end I decided to sleep. Aiyah, anyway I'm doing the teacher a favour. Less to mark mah, correct? Anyway fail already later can study and get good progress award.


My friend, before the mid-years: Listen here's the plan. I'll get an A for Chinese, A for Econs, but F for C maths. Watch me man.

My friend, after the last paper: Eh listen, there's been a change in plan...


Background: Never attend GP lecture for J2s. Me and friend sitting near staff room, talking to a teacher.

GP teacher who walks by: Excuse me, are you J2s?

Friend: Hmmm? Huh? (acting blur)

GP teacher waits expectantly.

Friend to me: Are we J2s? (still trying to act blur)



History teacher: Look , the issue about implicit agreements in layman's terms is this. When one party says something and doesn't do it, the other party will get angry. Tai Yong, if Firdaus says he wants to meet you at town. And then he turns up 2 hours late, will you be angry?

Tai Yong: No.

History teacher: Why?

Tai Yong: I don't go town one.

History teacher: -_- Ok, never mind. Then what if one day you're supposed to meet Mark. And you say you'll meet him at 2p.m. But then you turn up 2 hours late. Would Mark be angry with you? Yes right?

Tai Yong: No.

History teacher: !!!! Why?

Tai Yong: Because Mark will most probably be 2 hours late as well.


Friend to pregnant teacher: Ms. XXX. You look slim from the back leh!

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